Saturday, 5 December 2009

Quando l'amicizia ti attraversa il cuore

....ah friends. Friends expect nothing and choose you, and will continue to, and that is why friendship does indeed traverse my heart. It stomps it's feet and asks nothing and still remains. Historically speaking I've been notoriously shit at picking friends who are worth their namesake. Since my early twenties I've managed to garner and sustain a couple and now I can admit that I do have an indispensable crew of mates. It's hard sometimes to spout genuine affection, as it is mistaken often for drunken necessity. I am in Generation Y and we like to profess every emotion and thought, transmit publicly our heart's desires. As if that could quantify or validate them. I am a child of this, and it removes potency I do believe. I wish to be able to keep love tightly knitted inside me, a cat's toy in my chest, a ball of brilliance that I know of and it is enough for it to be so.

I am in a wonderfully bizarre emotional entanglement with another at the moment, and every time we talk I hope an invisible goblin on my team, a little friend of my platelets, a silent partner in my blood, would intervene and prevent me from spewing forth my heart's intent. The sheer happiness and comfort and just plain fucking righteousness I feel for being a part of this coupling. I have no such friend on my side at this point, and cringe so many times at the translucent and obvious talkings of love. She too happens to be one of my best friends, and therefore gets it twice. Poor girl.

Then I kick back and scold myself for doubting my ravings of love and appreciation to my friends and my girl. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I'll say it now laughing and I'll laugh in the future too. If you know of anything good then why not say it, and speak it. Give it a name, send it out into the world, a proper noun. Just fucking say it. The world is going to be better for it. And it'll come back to you; karma being the universe's milk. A boomerang with benefits. But say it without thought for discourse. Say it like you mean it and let that be enough.

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